Free registration


Report scammers

Upon entering a report on a scammer you will be entered into our user database as a registered user of
For every legitimate report (along with photos, letters and other proof) confirmed by our system administrators that you turn in, we give you a month of free registration.


If you have evidence of your scammer through a media (video or audio) file, you can send them to us and for each media file we will provide you with 3 extra months of free service.


If you received falsified documents from your scammer and send them to us, we will provide you with one extra month of free service per file you send.


As an example, if you send us a report with proof (pictures and letters), along with a video (or audio) file and two falsified documents (example: a country visa or travel pass) you will receive for the report:


1 month for a confirmed report.
3 months for the media file.
2 months for the falsified documents.
This will grant you free access to the site for 6 months time.


Information regarding your login will be sent to you only after our team has approved your report for our website.


If you continue to add legitimate scam reports to our site, we will grant another month free for each one, as well as any additional months for media and audio files or falsified documents that you acquire.