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Our website offers you a unique and innovative mechanism through which you can not only identify but even fight off male scammers encountered online. If you are here because you are tired of male scammers and wish to enforce a permanent solution to get rid of them, keep reading on to learn how this website can help you.


Submitting a report

The first step that you have to take, if you want to get rid of online male scammers, is to submit a report. The only thing that makes our website so successful is, because people like you take the time out to actually report their incidents. So, if you are at this website, it certainly means that you are being annoyed by male scammers. So why waste any more time? Start by submitting a report to us and we will take great care of your problem. We will need you to submit some information regarding your male scammer in this report like, the name of your scammer, his address, age, or any other information like the website he uses to operate from. Any corroborating or supporting data that you might have will also be helpful to us, so it will be great if you can send mutual documents transferred between you and your scammer, letters, or photos, to us so that we can follow up on your case with more solid evidence.

Once you have sent us all the supporting documentation along with your report, our website administrators will check it out. From there on, we will then publish your case and report into our database. Once your case has been published, it will become visible and available to other users of our website.


Searching through our online database for a list of scammers

Sometimes people like to go through our database, just as a precautionary measure. The trend of meeting people online is continuously on the rise. If you have met someone on the internet, but you're a little suspicious because he sounds too good to be real, or is trying to move too fast with you, or you simply feel that there is something not legitimate about him, then you might want to browse through our database to cross check and ensure that your new mate has not been reported by someone else in the past.

Our website offers you several ways through which you can easily search through our online database to see if your new online mate is a scammer or not. These methods are:

  • Using general search queries to search through the database like entering the person's last name or first name, entering a country of residence, a city, or postcode, entering age, etc.

  • Another feature available in our database is to search by "letters". This is because most scammers online use the same letter on all their targets instead of creating new ones each time. This feature will enable you to feed in one of the letters of correspondence you have received from your suspect and search against it. Our database will match it against the hundreds and thousands of letters saved in the database to see if there is any possible match.

  • Scammers not only reuse letters on all their targets but also tend to reuse several other documents to prove their identity. There is another feature in our database that allows you to search against "fake documents". You can feed in the document you received from your suspect and within seconds find out if your new online mate is a male scammer or not.

  • Another great feature offered at our website is to run a check based on IP addresses. Check out the IP from which your new online friend is sending you email. You can run it across our database and find out if that IP address has been used before on another target. If you are unsure on how to locate the IP address, you can find out by reading our section on locating IP addresses through email addresses.

  • You can use our feature to search our database against images and photos you might have of your possible new online mate.

  • Using "check hidden photo information" tool you'll able to see the metadata in various forms such as camera model and camera name, time and date when the photo was captured, if an image manipulation tool was used, location where the image was taken, name or the photographer including copyright notice if any, and more.


    Educate yourself

    It's an old saying that "knowledge is power" and this is definitely true. Even if you have not been a victim of online scamming, it is important that you keep yourself educated on the various ways through which online scamming works. This information will help you keep yourself safe before anything bad happens to you. At our website you can learn all about scamming, how scammers target their victims, how they work, and how you can protect yourself.



    The major benefit that you get, after joining our website, is that you get access to a rich community of all those people who are dealing with scammers, have experience with them, and will share with you invaluable information. On top of that, our database is the most thorough one you can find online. This is the strongest tool you can use to detect a scammer and even keep yourself safe from one. The advice you will get from other women in our community will be really helpful to you.



    By joining our website, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter that will keep you updated on all the latest information that has been added to our database. You will also receive updates from our blog, and updates on new scammers added to the list, like their pictures, letters, identity, other information, etc.